Hoshina Anniversary – Interview


We at Tokyo Indie first heard of Hoshina Anniversary when his restlessly energetic track “Chicago” dropped on the GND Records imprint earlier this year. The track was an international underground sensation, which garnered support from the world’s top DJs and propelled him into the limelight. His production style and DJ sets are characterised by hypnotically dark, unrelenting beats and ice cold synth stabs which hark back to the glory days of jacking house tracks. Hoshina Anniversary kindly supported Drums of Death at Tokyo Indie’s event at Trump House back in May (pictured) and we thought it was about time we sat down with him and found out a bit more about the man behind the music.

So Hoshina, let’s start at the beginning. What made you start making music?

I started making music when I was 18 years old. I was playing guitar and bass for about two or three years in various bands. I wanted to hear music which has the band sound of the Police, the keyboards of Chick Corea and the atmosphere of Miles Davis’ “Nefertiti”. I couldn’t find anything which sounded quite like this so I decided to start making music.

What software do you use to create music?

I always use Logic Pro.; I’ve been using it for about 8 years now. In fact, I can only use Logic Pro! (Laughs) I’ve never even touched Ableton Live.

Why do you use the name Hoshina Anniversary?

I think it was around 2003 or 2004 that I started using the name. At that time my band had just broken up so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start something new. Because I was now thinking of myself at the centre of the project, a bit like The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, I decided on the name Hoshina Anniversary. I didn’t originally intend to use my name but at that time I was playing in a lot of live houses and many friends were coming to see me. It was just easier for them to remember if the band name included my real name, that way people would know it was me!

How does it feel to hear DJs like Boys Noize and A-Trak playing your records?

When Boys Noize was in Japan and did his guest mix on Block.fm, he listened to my remix of Kyoko Koizumi by chance and really liked it. I am not sure if he has ever played it in a club but I was so glad that he liked my remix. So far it hasn’t led to a chance to remix or release on Boys Noize or BNR Trax, but it has really given me impetus to keep trying.

With regard to A-Trak I first saw him playing my song Chicago on a You Tube clip. It was awesome to see my song being performed by such a great DJ in front of a huge crowd. It was just perfect. A friend of mine from Europe posted the video on my Facebook wall saying “Today A-Trak played Chicago!”. People then posted on my wall for two days solid, it was so encouraging. However, as with Boys Noize, it hasn’t led to a release or remix opportunity for Fool’s Gold as of yet.

Who are your favourite Japanese music producers?

Shinichi Osawa, Shun&SMMY, Nuik and Kuniyoshi Hayashi are all putting out great things at the moment.

Which of your songs do you most like and why?

I would probably say “Vision” from my Vision EP, which was released on GND Records in September. It’s a great tool as it is really easy to incorporate into a DJ set because it is so simplistic.

Are you planning to play any gigs internationally?

I don’t think I will get to do anything this year, but I would love to go to Europe next year. I know some European producers and I would love to see them whilst I am over there.

What will you do next?

I’m currently working on a couple of remixes and there may well be a new EP out on GND records this November too. I’m focusing on staying in the studio and making new tracks.

Words: Mark Birtles

Translation: Iona Nagata and Mark Birtles

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