Diskotopia Vol. 1 Lands

Diskotopia Vol. 1 Lands Main Image

Our friends Matt and Brian, label bosses at Tokyo-based imprint Diskotopia, are currently basking in the glory of a job well done after the release of their first compilation album. The 14 track odyssey, entitled Diskotopia Vol. 1, will not win any prizes for its unimaginative title, but then the label has always been about content over window-dressing. This excellent compilation exemplifies how the label is committed to embracing the more disparate elements of electronic music and weaving them together into a patchwork of influences and styles – with a nonchalant two-fingers to the usual fare being pumped out of Tokyo’s stereos.

The result is an album which has already garnered much support from musical taste-making sites such as Boomkat and XLR8R as well as being hailed as the ‘compilation of the month’ by DJ Mag in the UK. Tracks and remixes from BD1982 (Brian) and A Taut Line (Matt) anchor the compilation alongside fresh sounds from artists such as LDFD, Shy One and Optimum.

The compilation is available in physical format in Tower Records and Gan Ban outlets as well as digitally via the Boomkat website:

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Words: Mark Birtles

Translation: Iona Nagata

February 29, 2012