Itching for a Stitching?

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I find there are generally two kinds of people; those who like wearing knits, and those who don’t. The latter perhaps punctuated by not-so-fond memories of Nanna’s ill-fitting birthday cardigan, static electricity and basically anyone who grew up in the 70’s. If you also happen to hail from a warmer climate, knitwear would probably seem about as useful as a back pocket on a t-shirt. Alpacca? Angora? Cashmere? Possum? I don’t want it, give it to my Mum. But now it’s time to raise your knitting needles yarn shunners, because classy knitwear is on the rise; and it’s getting plenty of attention. With winter on its way, let’s introduce some of the key talents in the world of knit and purl.

Based out of Minneapolis in the USA, ALL Knitwear has brought the whimsical beauty of hand-made knitwear into the domain of cool street fashion. Annie Larson’s joyful, multi-coloured creations evoke all the memories of your childhood, in shapes that you don’t have to grow into.

If you’re planning on donning a pair of Ayame socks then your pants better be cropped, because these patterned wonders are designed to be seen. This quirky hosiery is fast becoming a popular foot-warming choice in Toyko, with a number of stockists spreading rapidly around Europe and Asia. When asked what inspires her, creator Aya mused “I believe that, with a little help, everyday life can be dramatic, intriguing, inspiring and effortlessly glamourous”. I’d say Ayame designs achieve just that.

And if you haven’t heard of Yokoo, then you haven’t really been using the internet properly. This whiz from Atlanta, equipped with a giant knitting needle in each hand, has taken first the blog and now the fashion world by storm. Her oddball style, dedication to her craft and the incredible knit accessories she produces have cemented her a loyal following of fans who – let’s face it – want her life.

To find out where you can fetch yourself some knitted goodies, check out the designer’s websites (links supplied in the text). Most products are available online, with some stockists located in Japan.

Words: Eloise Rapp

Translation: Iona Nagata

October 29, 2011