Nu Clear Classmate – Sleeping Under The Maypole

Nu Clear Classmate – Sleeping Under The Maypole Main Image

Up to now Tokyo’s Nu Clear Classmate played loud, buzzing pop wherein simple sentiments like “Today is going to be a great day!” or “I’m sorta lonely” erupted into extreme emotional plumes courtesy of the massive blobs of noise they created.

Sleeping Under the Maypole by Nuclearclassmate

New track “Sleeping Under The Maypole” initially seems like a sea change, the loudness of this duo’s past work shuffled out for, gasp, space! Turns out this isn’t so much a departure as it is an inversion, the squalling synths of the duo’s prior tracks flipped out for more silence which manages to amplify “Maypole’s” emotional core just the same. All this newfound room makes the electronics sound extra distant and lead singer Chick’s vocals more isolated than ever before.

Words: Patrick St. Michel

Translation: Mizuki Oyama

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March 30, 2011