Mark Birtles mixes it up for The Japan Times

Mark Birtles mixes it up for The Japan Times Main Image

Fans of, or indeed those curious about, Japanese music should give this a listen. Compiled by Tokyo Indie’s Mark Birtles for The Japan Times newspaper, this 日本の宝石 (gems of Japan) mix is an eclectic journey through some of the best indie and electronic music which has come out of Japan in recent years. It is a mix which “aims to reflect the multi-faceted nature of Japan – from its blissful zen tranquility, to its darker urban underbelly” says Mark.

The 日本の宝石 mix features tracks from Tokyo Indie favourites such as Yosi Horikawa, Taquwami and Diskotopia’s Greeen Linez. It is currently available to stream or download using the Soundcloud widget below. Alternatively, click here to listen while reading The Japan Times “Record Bag” feature with Mark Birtles.

Words: Sam Mokhtary

Translation: Asuka O.

June 25, 2013