Hot Since 82 in Japan – “bring it on!”

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Daley Padley is no stranger to success. The Yorkshire-man has been producing electro-house music under his own name for over ten years, having been heavily championed by legendary DJ/producers such as Roger Sanchez, (who named him ‘one to watch’ in 2007), Eric Morillo and even P Diddy. However, it is his latest guise of Hot Since 82 which has seen him take things to the next level and become a figurehead producer in the current deep house revival; releasing some of the finest underground music in the UK. His 2011 breakthrough single ‘Let It Ride’, on Jaymo and Andy George’s Noir Music label, became an Ibiza anthem and he has since enjoyed huge support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler and Maceo Plex to name but a few.

As his spotless productions are fast becoming the zeitgeist soundtrack to the UK club scene, Norman Cook has decided to bring him to Japanese shores for the very first time for the Big Beach Festival on June 1st in Kanagawa. We dropped Daley a line to see exactly what he has in store for us.

It’s been quite some year for Hot Since 82! Are you excited about coming to Japan?

Thank you and of course. Hope l don’t sound cheesy now but Japan has been the one country on earth that I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m really passionate about the East; its food, lifestyle, philosophy and rich history.

Many people have you pegged as a ‘new’ artist, buy you have been producing music and playing venues like Space in Ibiza for 10 years. How does the Hot Since 82 moniker differ from your previous work?

The thing with Hot Since 82 is that it’s all been done in a very natural process, without any stress for success. I’m very lucky for it to have happened like this. I’ve seen people too hungry for glory and they’ve all fallen down on their face. I just feel very lucky and I’m enjoying every minute.

You describe yourself as “a proud Yorkshire man” and are based in Leeds. I lived there myself for 5 years and think it has one of the best club scenes in Europe. Why do you think that is?

So you know Leeds very well ha-ha. That’s great that you do as you already know the love and warm feeling you get when you get into this rich clubbing city. The thing about the north of the U.K is that people are very, very friendly and don’t really take themselves too seriously. Clubbing in Leeds is just insane; it’s a very special place and it’s down to the pure fact that the people there are grounded and really let themselves go.

The revival of classic and deep house sounds has led to some detractors, saying that dance music is retreading old ground. How do you feel about this?

That’s nonsense. l think dance music in whole is in the best place it’s ever been, It’s so healthy to see house and ‘EDM’ doing so well. In my eyes people that listen to this music are smiling and dancing all night, how can this be a bad thing? I think people are too quick to chip in and talk nonsense. Just enjoy it and hit the dance floor.

Your album is due for release this summer, how is it sounding?

It’s all sounding great, it’s not exactly my debut album…it’s more of a project with all the tracks on there being from myself. The whole concept will also be mixed like a compilation. It’s just been nice to hook up with some lovely musicians. It’s going to really rock, lm super excited, there’s all sorts on there but mainly it’s for the dance floors.

What one track are you definitely planning to play at the Big Beach Festival?

Hot Since 82 – Hot’s Groove…It really does go off!

What are you looking forward to doing whilst in Tokyo?

Awww lm too excited, just doing this interview is getting me ready for Tokyo.
I’m looking forward to everything, bring it on!

Sum up the Hot Since 82 sound in one word.


Thanks a lot Daley! Hot Since 82’s ‘Hot Jams 1&2’ EP on KSR Records is available (iTunes digital download only) from May 22nd. Hot Since 82 will perform at the Big Beach Festival 2013 alongside Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim and Maya Jane Coles on Saturday June 1st. For more information and ticket prices, please visit the Big Beach Festival website. See you there!

Words: Mark Birtles

Translation: Kaori Ishikawa

May 19, 2013