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Touch Party

Apr 18, 2011 from 17:00 to 23:00

Club Asia

Indie / Rock / Mix

door:2800yen / adv:2500yen

Live: AFRICAEMO BREMEN Fragment ハイスイノナサ Mop Of Head Cathy lost one's apricot yesterday DJ: Baroque(kidz rec.) MYSS(ROC TRAX) Body Fantasy(varium/AFRICAEMO) MINCE(PUzzLE Radio) TAAR(ROC TRAX) Usagi Maison(varium) TOMMY(BOY) 星原喜一郎(New Action!) Terry(BRITISH PAVILLION) 八木橋一寛(TINY RECORDS/ROCK ACTION) Lover Lover(AFRICAEMO) Tamayaman(Katie) TOMO(STYLE BAND TOKYO) musiqconcierge(mashed-up heaven/dB UKi) Yuya Tsuzi(Eternal Rock City/High School Disco) ...and more VJ: Yuki Maeshima