Hokuo Music Night After-Party Main Image

Hokuo Music Night After-Party

Nov 22, 2013 from 23:30 to 05:00

Trump Room


2000yen (Door) / 1500yen (Facebook "attending")

Guest DJs: French Films (from Finland) FM Belfast (from Iceland) Intertwine (from Norway) LCTRISC (from Sweden) Axl Smith (MTV Finland) http://www.creativeman.co.jp/artist/2013/11hokuou/ Special LIVE performance: Exoskeletone Tokyo DJs: Ai DJ Saza Give Me Wallets Mark Jackson Minae Tani (Hard to Explain) Soichiro Kanai Tommi Tokyo Youky 6F photo exhibition by Ricardo Piras (http://www.ricardopiras.com/)

Tokyo Indie returns to host it's yearly Hokuo Music Night after-party; featuring some of Scandinavia's hottest bands dropping in to DJ and party with us!