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Full Circle

Jun 25, 2011 from 22:00 to 05:00


Disco / Minimal House / Indie

door: 2000 w/flyer: 1500


Guest DJ EKE (Jungle Jam) GEEP YO!HEY!(Threepee Boys) GIKYO NAKAMURA(The Pegassus) Full Circle DJs Moro (New House/LEF!!!/MOYASHI) U-hey!(black neon party/reclash!/Style Band Tokyo) Seiya (New House/MOYASHI) Wka (Tidy Boy) Chihiro (Twee Grrrls Club) Punpun (New House/ince ince)

A DJ night put together by one half of Black Neon Party, a couple of members of the New House and a former member of twee grrrls club. Disco and minimal house music with an indie twist.