Full Circle: 12 Hours Main Image

Full Circle: 12 Hours

Dec 29, 2011 from 17:00 to 05:00


Disco / Minimal House / Indie

After 23:00: 2500yen/1d Before 23:00: 2000yen/1d (w/flyer - 500yen off)


【GUEST LIVE】 Canopies and Drapes Local Years (Tsutchie & Kaoruchan) New House QUARTA330(Hyperdub/Lo-bit Playground) 【GUEST DJ】 Cozzy(Cuz Me Pain/West Side Boys) DTB CREW(26&Yamarchy) Gentaro Z(Young Fidelity) Kenta Hirano(LOVE ACTION) LEF!!!CREW!!! Nakai(Swing!) TA-1(Anoraks/MIXX BEAUTY) Tanachu(RECLASH) Tum(Click,Clack) Wizzjonss(PLUG) youhey kose(無幻/Chrysalis) YYOKKE & ODA(Faron Square,Cuz Me Pain) 【Full Circle DJs】 MORO(New House/LEF!!!CREW!!!/MOYASHI) U-HEY(Black Neon Party/Style Band Tokyo/RECLASH) SEIYA(New House/MOYASHI) WKA(Tidy Boy) PUNPUN(New House/ince ince)

A DJ night put together by one half of Black Neon Party, a couple of members of the New House and a former member of twee grrrls club. Disco and minimal house music with an indie twist.