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Free Throw

Mar 13, 2011 from 13:00 to 22:00

Ageha (Studio Coast)


Adv: 3500 Door: 4000

2011/03/13(sun)@新木場STUDIO COAST open/start 13:00 adv.3500yen(1D別) door.4000yen(1D別) 一般発売日:2/20(日) チケットぴあ[Pコード:129-896] - Ticket Code for PIA TICKET MACHINE ローソンチケット[Lコード:72849] - Ticket Code for Lawson TICKET MACHINE FREETHROW_VOL48 *DJ 弦先誠人(puke!) 神啓文(Getting Better/COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09) タイラダイスケ(soultoday/COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09 WEST) *GUEST LIVE the telephones group_inou riddim saunter sleepy.ab LITE the chef cooks me BAND QUATTRO rega avengers in sci-fi wooderd chiarie SEBASTIAN X Turntable Films *GUEST DJ HANDSOMEBOY TECHNIQUE BRITISH PAVILION Nur.(西村道男/eyama/VJ eetee) ヒサシtheKID(THE BEACHES) クボタマサヒコ(Kuh/ex.BEAT CRUSADERS) *BOOTH LIVE MOROHA *VJ Beast Picture Market

Free Throw is a long running event which showcases the latest up and coming Japanese bands on the indie rock circuit. Expect DJ sets between the bands.