Fools Wanna Dance Main Image

Fools Wanna Dance

Mar 25, 2011 from 22:00 to 05:00

Club Oto

Indie / All Mix


DJs UE (Twilight Fellows) YUCKIE (Good Morning To You) 江原優 (MELODIC SUNSHINE/BRITISH PAVILION/MIGHTY POP) YUSUKE (Glitter Radio/LAUNDRY) Satowshe 多田大地 (MAGNETIC RECORDS/BRITISH PAVILION/MIGHTY POP) 遠藤孝行 (FREAK AFFAIR/新宿ROLLING STORE) Showhow (MELODIC SUNSHINE/NAKED LUNCH) けーぱん (CLUB INBETWEENERS) Cherlie (WONDERKIND) TAKAYUKI (apinini) Figgy (from England to me) Eisuke Igarashi (TEQUILA69/BRITISH PAVILION) Simez VJ NI-W! (BRITISH PAVILION/MELODIC SUNSHINE/MIGHTY POP) "FOOL WANNA DANCE"つまりバカ騒ぎしようぜ!ってこと。 Yuckie&UEのオーガナイズの元、様々なROCK PARTYのDJが一堂に会してお送りするSPECIAL NIGHT! ROCK'N ROLLを基軸にPUNK、POPS、INDIE、メジャー、マイナー、洋邦楽問わず、過去〜現在、様々な人と音がCROSS OVERするこの夜を逃す手は無い!多彩なROCKが織り成す画期的な一夜を見逃すな!ただただ純粋に朝まで飲んで踊って騒ぎ倒すロックパーティーの原点が今ここに!JUST GROOVE IT!

A whole load of Tokyo's rock party DJ's have got together for a night of rock n' roll, punk, pop and indie. It's no holds barred on the musical front with minor and major, past and current records set to be spun.