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Tokyo Indie presents... Left For Dead

Nov 03, 2012 from 23:00 to 05:00

Tamai Hospital (旧玉井病院)

2000 yen ADV. (see link below) / 3000 yen ON THE DOOR

This ain't no glitzy Tokyo Halloween party. This will be an experience unlike any other... An abandoned hospital on the edge of Shinjuku; prepare to be locked in til’ dawn with DJs, performers, art and an unhealthy dose of horror thrown in for good measure. //Entrance Times// 23:00 - 01:00 Clinical Guidelines: - Patients will be admitted between 11pm and 1am - latecomers will not be admitted. - All patients must remain in the hospital until 5am. - Respect the silent when approaching and leaving our hospital. - Costumes are not required - all patients will receive a complimentary hospital gown. - We encourage our patients to explore the many rooms of our hospital - you can seek out treatments and discover our hospital’s grizzly secrets. - For those of a nervous disposition a chill out and sleep space will be provided. - Remember our abandoned hospital is the real deal - don't wear anything expensive which may get dirty or damaged. - Always follow the advice of our hospital staff and refrain from entering the areas of the hospital marked as off limits.