Tokyo Indie Feat. BLUE HAWAII Main Image

Tokyo Indie Feat. BLUE HAWAII

Jan 24, 2014 from 23:00 to 05:00

Trump Room


2500 (Door) / 1500 (Facebook "attending")

Special Guest: BLUE HAWAII (from Canada) Special LIVE show: Boys Get Hurt DJs: Bliss Housecat Jack JUNSHIMBO Kenjo Mai (Type A) Mari Sakurai Mark Birtles Minae (Hard To Explain) Nils McFly Oli Ills The Skips

To welcome in the New Year and the celebrate the first show being staged by, we are back for another party! Joining us will be BLUE HAWAII whose album "Untogether" was one of our favourites of 2013 and oh, they also taught GRIMES a thing or two about making music!