Tanoshii Tokyo Main Image

Tanoshii Tokyo

May 04, 2011 from 23:00 to 05:00

Trump Room

Electro / Disco / Anything goes

Door: 2000 Discount: 1500


DJs Mr.Tikini Joe from TOKYODANDY fancyBOYS CONVOY(吟味/DOG) Lilith ANTI NOISE(HEISEI ISHIN) TOM&BEN(SHORT PANTS PARTY) KAZUSHI WADA(BIG BANG) MODERN BOY(ニイタカヤマノボレ!) I'M(NEVERLAND) TOMMY(BOY) si oux HARENCHU(xoxo) HIROKIXX GERRY(Noir) D&V IRONY(TOMMY!) YOYOYOS(MAKE THE CHAOS PARTY) YGYM(TOKYO WASTED) aki Hiromitsu Kuwana AND MORE... HOSTED BY kawaiiTOKYO&Me And My Friends エントランスにて、「Me And My Friendsを見た」と言えば1500円になります。 If you say "Me And My Friends" at the entrance, you can enter for 1500yen.

This event is organized by party promotion group "Me and My Friends" and Kawaii Tokyo, expect a fashionable crowd and a variety of music from Electro through to Pop and Disco.