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Rock Action

Mar 27, 2011 from 15:00 to 23:00

Club Asia

Indie Rock

Door: 2800 Adv: 3300

Live Act: QUATTRO The Brixton Academy Pills Empire AFRICAEMO Turntable Films THE ラブ人間 HOTEL MEXICO ...and more DJs: Terry(BRITISH PAVILION/Tequila69) 八木橋一寛(MELODIC SUNSHINE/BRITISH PAVILION) 黒田マナブ"K. Dove"(Modfather/ModsMayday) 弦先誠人(FREE THROW/puke!) WSZ80(reclash/LEF!) TOMO(STYLE BAND TOKYO) 江原優(twelve/MELODIC SUNSHINE/BRITISH PAVILION) satowshe musiqconcierge(mashed-up heaven/dB UKi) 星原喜一郎(NEW ACTION!/soultoday) Q's(PopiT!/BRITISH PAVILION) KUMA(MATINeE/BRITISH PAVILION) Postman Group(from Mont Blanc) Yusaku Brando (club passione/Tequila69) Kenta Hirano(Love Action) WKA(TIDY BOY/FULL CIRCLE) U-Hey!(BLACK NEON PARTY) 小山内信介(SECOND ROYAL) CHIHIRO(FULL CIRCLE) MORO(NEW HOUSE / LEF!!!/FULL CIRCLE) SEIYA(NEW HOUSE/FULL CIRCLE) Body Fantasy(AFRICAEMO/varium) JUNN(Tequila69) JOHHE(Tequila69) TAGO(Tequila69) ...and more VJ: NI-W!

Rock action is an event organized by the British Pavilion team. This event focuses on up and coming live bands from the local Tokyo scene and beyond. DJs fill in the gaps between the acts with a variety of indie music.