Diskotopia presents DSK315 Main Image

Diskotopia presents DSK315

Mar 15, 2013 from 22:00 to 06:00

Fai Aoyama


2000yen (W/1D) / With Flyer: 1500yen (W1D)


Diskotopia presents DSK315 Diskotopia room: BD1982 A Taut Line (Greeen Linez) Fujimoto Tetsuro Am Rhein Mr. Tikini Mark Birtles (Tokyo Indie) A Kind Of Presence room: Andre Mcleod Alex Ka Big-J HaL ***PLEASE BRING I.D, FAI IS VERY STRICT ABOUT I.D CHECK***

Top underground label Diskotopia celebrate their latest release and new off-shoot label A Kind of Presence.