Cuz Me Pain Main Image

Cuz Me Pain

Dec 23, 2011 from 23:00 to 05:00


Dance / Indie / Chillwave / Experimental

1500 w/1d

■Live: Jesse Ruins Faron Square ■Guest Dj Gikyo Nakamura (ThePegasuss) Mayu (Sister Sister) Juan (Scum Boys) ■Dj: The Beauty NITES (Jesse Ruins) YYOKKE (FaronSquare/:visited) TSKKA (Masculin) COZZY (mAnches) APU (After Dark)

Part of Japan’s burgeoning “bedroom music” scene - Cuz Me Pain are a collection of musicians and label including blog-favorites Jesse Ruins, Faron Square and Nites. The night promises to be a real insight into some of the most exciting underground music in Japan.