Candy Soup fundraising party Main Image

Candy Soup fundraising party

Dec 01, 2012 from 21:00 to 05:00

M Bar

Disco/party/anything goes!


Djs: Kato-man Mark Birtles (Tokyo Indie) Megagigagenki + Many more TBC

Candy Soup is a surreal comedy series of 3-5 minute genre-bending television episodes. Follow the adventures of the 7 unique members of the aspiring idol group Candy Soup as they sing, dance, fight crime and travel through space and time. The pilot episode and it will premier at a fundraising party at M bar in Daikanyama on December 1st! In addition to the pilot there will be several back to back DJ teams, dancing, entertainment, foodstuffs, and a chance to win some really great prizes in the raffle. The entry fee is only 1000 yen and all proceeds will go toward funding the first 8 episodes of the Candy Soup series.