Womb Adventure 2011 Main Image

Womb Adventure 2011

Nov 26, 2011 from 21:00 to 05:00

Makuhari Messe

Electro House

Door: 7500 Advance: See link below


Line-up / "CADENZA / VAGABUNDOS AREA" Luciano(CADENZA/VAGABUNDOS) REBOOT(CADENZA), Robert Dietz(CADENZA) SPECIAL GUEST: Carl Craig OPENING DJs: Satoshi Otsuki TAKUYA Kikiorix "WOMB WORLD WIDE AREA" Pendulum - DJ SET & VERSE Busy P Cassius Surkin SHINICHI OSAWA DEXPISTOLS Aki "Ooooze x RAFT TOKYO AREA" RAHA TEZ CARLOS GIBBS SO RYO TSUTSUI AOSAWA KUSDA HAL TIMO VISUAL: NUMAN〔CADENZA / VAGABUNDOS AREA〕 Visual Architects (Yu Maruno+Nozomu Miura)〔WOMB WORLD WIDE AREA〕 VJ NAKAICHI〔WOMB WORLD WIDE AREA〕 VJ M.M.M〔WOMB WORLD WIDE AREA〕 Naohiro Yako (flapper 3)〔WOMB WORLD WIDE AREA〕 LIGHTING: AIBA〔CADENZA / VAGABUNDOS AREA〕 SAITO〔WOMB WORLD WIDE AREA〕 Promoter / Womb Womb has been leading the Japanese dance music scene for 11 years, in the heart of Tokyo’s cultural melting pot `Shibuya`. This year, Womb presents the 4th WOMB ADVENTURE. For the last 11 years, WOMB has been attracting people with various projects such as `WOMB CRUISE`, urban style dance music festival `CLUB PHAZON`, along with countless more unforgettable events with great success. WOMB ADVENTURE'11 brings together an exclusive line up, inviting world leading artists, installing the latest technology sound system with cutting edge effects - LED, full-colour laser, lighting and more. WA'11 offers all those special night to everyone with a friendly, accessible entrance cost. WA'11 welcomes everyone to experience the diversity of the 10,000 people scale dance music festival in Japan. WOMB ADVENTURE has been expanding since 2008. We'd like everyone to come and witness the expansion of the WOMB dream come true.