The Light at the End of the Techno

The Light at the End of the Techno Main Image

It’s 6am, the morning after the night before. Everyone has stumbled (or in some cases been carried) out of the nightclub into the crisp morning air; eyes squinting from the shock of fresh sunlight streaming down from the heavens, bodies aching for sleep or perhaps one last beer…It’s a feeling all of us clubbers are well acquainted with.

But what do we leave behind? German photographers André Giesermann and Daniel Schulz have recently released a set of works entitled “The Morning After”, an interesting photography project showing the real nature of the space after big events at famous German nightspots.

Despite a distinct lack of human presence, in the cold light of day the photos are very much alive through what has been left behind; you can almost taste the alcohol, smell the cigarettes and feel the echoes of the bass rumbling around the empty cavernous spaces. Revealing a side of German nightlife few usually see, the photos are interesting, thought provoking and ultimately saddening…well for the person who has to tidy up at least.

Words: Mark Birtles

Translation: Asuka Ozutsumi

May 1, 2012