Nobuyoshi Araki - Past Tense - Future

Nobuyoshi Araki - Past Tense - Future Main Image

Taka Ishii Gallery will be presenting photographer and contemporary artist, Nobuyoshi Araki’s, 19th solo exhibition.

“Past tense – Future”

The work on view from May 25th – June 23rd, will comprise some 10,000 works and will be presented in a photo diary form which encompasses not only the past, starting in 1979, but also the future by ending in 2040, when Araki will be 100 years old.

Through this medium Araki is able to express his interior self, frankly communicating his emotions and the concept that a day’s occurence evokes not only past memories but also visions of the future.

For more details about the exhibition visit the Taka Ishii gallery website.

Words: Sam Mokhtary

Translation: Asuka O.

May 16, 2012