Slo-Mode Tokyo

Slo-mode Tokyo

Slow motion video has long been a medium which, until recently, has had limited use. By virtue of the sheer cost and immobility of the cameras it was unusual to see much footage shot outside a studio, let alone shot by amateurs.

However, the digital revolution has allowed slow-motion footage to be captured on relatively inexpensive SLR cameras – with startlingly professional results. Shot on a Canon T3i, the short film “Slo-Mode Tokyo’” was created by Tokyo resident Alex Lee, showing a hitherto unexplored perspective on everyday life in Japan’s capital.

The film is edited immaculately together with the Flying Lotus/Thom Yorke track “And The World Laughs With You”, which compliments Alex’s mysterious alter-Tokyo perfectly. This is an ideal antidote whenever you feel the rush-rush-rush of this wonderful city is getting too much and you need to be reminded of just how beautiful it can be.

Check out Alex’s other videos here on his Vimeo channel or stay up to date on his latest projects on Twitter.

Words: Mark Birtles

Translation: Asuka Ozutsumi

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