My Tokyo App – Shopping Made Easy


Let’s face it; Tokyo is a world-class Mecca for cash splashers. Anyone who has ever been here will appreciate just how much is on offer, for sale and for consumption. I have seen even the most hardened shoppers reduced to jelly-legged tourists after a day trawling the myriad of shops, boutiques and malls in this fair city.

The one problem with all of this is actually finding what you really want – where are the most exciting boutiques? Who is the hottest designer on the block? What is the one accessory I cannot return home without?

This is where Eloise Rapp becomes your best friend. During her time living in Tokyo, she has painstakingly compiled an essential visitors guide to “the best fashion, design and creative spots in the city”. With this information she has created a wonderfully interactive iPad application, which will let you navigate Tokyo’s smartest fashion districts complete with photographs and reviews for each store.

On top of this there are both on-line and off-line navigation functions, as well as detailed transport information to make sure you can squeeze every last minute of pleasure out of your shopping experience. With such a wealth of information, it looks like this will be an invaluable tool for anyone with hard earned cash burning a hole in their pocket.

The application will be available at the end of October. For more information please visit the My Tokyo app homepage.

Words: Mark Birtles

Translation: Asuka Ozutsumi

October 25, 2011 • Share on TwitterShare on Facebook