Hiroshi Sugimoto: Origins of Art


The Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art in Kagawa-ken, has been holding a fascinating exhibition for the better part of a year.

Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, 1980. © Hiroshi Sugimoto

The exhibition focuses on the work of influential photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto and are based around the themes of science, architecture, history and religion. Rather than simply exhibiting all pieces at one time, however, each theme is being exhibited at a different time of the year.

As a whole the exhibition is centered around Sugimoto’s concept that, “when looking to the future, it’s crucial to understand the past”.

Appropriate Proportion, Naoshima

In addition to this exhibition one of Sugimoto’s architectural works, “Appropriate Proportion”, can also be seen in nearby Naoshima. The work, which is a redevelopment of the Goh shinto shrine, is interesting firstly in that it deviates from traditional shrine designs, but is in keeping with traditional shinto worship and secondly in that despite being something physically created by Sugimoto, you can still sense the artistic style which permeates his photography. The result is an almost fearfully perfect structure and peaceful ambiance, tinged by a strangely melancholic feeling of warmth.

Together the exhibition and shrine, offer a relaxing summer’s day where you can dwell on the past, the present and the future.

Remaining Exhibitions
History: 5/29~8/21
Religion: 8/28~11/6



Words: Kae Matsuda

Translation: Sam Mokhtary

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