Recently in Japan there haven’t been too many large scale events celebrating experimental film. As such a chance to see a wealth of short films produced by some of the most current experimental film makers is a rare thing indeed. Rare as it might be, it’s happening in Shibuya next month in the form of the event +25FPS.

Earlier this month I visited Shibuya’s Uplink Factory for an event called “Here, there and between” – a one day screening of short independent films from America. At the end of the screening, the announcer who was very happy with the turnout, declared that they would be holding a large scale event entitled +25FPS.

Starting on the 5th of August and spanning 3 days, the plan is to screen 14 films, divided into two separate programs, entitled “+” and “The Best of 25FPS”.

According to the flyer, the event features films, produced in the last 10 years and sourced from all over the world, including America, Canada, Germany, Holland and Japan amongst others. It’s set to be a very worthwhile event.

In addition because many of the films will be screened multiple times, it’s possible to take in a full program even if you can’t make it to every single day of the event.

The event website will be updated with further details in the near future so please check it out for further information.

URL: http://www.uplink.co.jp/factory/

Words: Shiromoto Sanae

Translation: Sam Mokhtary

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