Lo-Fi-Fnk @ Tokyo Indie’s Hokuo Music Night After Party


Friday the 25th of May, sees the best in Scandinavian indie and electronic pop descend upon Japan! A variety of great acts will play live at Creativeman’s Hokuo Music Night showcase at Daikanyama UNIT. Following the success of last year’s after hours event, Tokyo Indie have again been asked to arrange a DJ after party for the show and are teaming up with Boys Get Hurt, to deliver an excellent night of dance and indie at Shibuya Trump Room from 11pm on Friday the 25th.

Special guests for the evening are the charismatic indie dance duo, LO-FI-FNK whose inclusion on parisian trendsetting label Kitsune’s Maison 6 saw them become indie dance favourites the world over. The boys will be playing an exclusive indie dance DJ set for us and showing us why they’re one of the most loved undeground acts in Europe. In addition, Icelandic electronic songstress Kira Kira, will be treating us to a DJ set, her exquisite brand of organic folky electronica has seen her supported and endorsed by the likes of Sigur Ros, Mum and the Kitchen Motors Collective. Meanwhile, Lars & The Hands of Light, a band with tremendous pop sensibilities, will be offering a musical education with a fine mix of electro, disco, italo, 60s rock and pop.

From Japan, electro duo, Boys Get Hurt, will be leading the charge – their recent international releases stormed the Beatport indie dance chart and have seen the duo making waves in the local indie dance scene. Awesome visuals and artwork for the show have also been provided by Scandinavian artists and with the Scandinavian tradition of heavy drinking… it’s surely set to be another fantastic night!

So that you can make the most of this chance to enjoy a whole load of great Scandinavian music, customers who attend the Hokuo Music night live show can get into our event for just 500yen! All you have to do is show your ticket stub at the door!

For full details of our event check our listing here!

The original artwork above was provided courtesy of print media artist Ellie Malin – you can check out more of her fabulous work here.

Words: Sam Mokhtary

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